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Elton Brand discuss joining the Atlanta Hawks's Robby Kalland sat down with Elton Brand to talk basketball and his role with the Atlanta Hawks.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks acquired veteran big man Elton Brand over the summer to add some depth at both the power forward and center positions behind starters Al Horford and Paul Millsap. Brand sat down with's Robby Kalland on Thursday to discuss coming to Atlanta and how he fits into the Hawks' system.

The entire interview is a must read but here are a couple of highlights:

Well, I guess first off what made you choose to come to Atlanta, and what did you see in this organization that made you want to be here?

You know, I saw a top-flight organization. I figured, with Smith probably moving on, I'd get a chance to not only come in and be a veteran leader but get a chance to play. I like where the team is going, so I felt like I could come help contribute.

Has coach talked to you at all about where he thinks your role is going to be on this team?

Not yet. Not yet. I think he's waiting and letting guys battle it out. I'm sure he has an idea, of course Al [Horford] and some of the guys from last year, [Jeff] Teague, [Kyle] Korver, and Lou Williams off the bench, but I think the new guys, we'll just have to battle it out and have to earn it.

Brand is already in Atlanta with a number of other players going through workouts in preparation for training camp which opens on October 1. Other areas that he touches on is how Al Horford and the other bigs are working with assistant coach Darvin Ham on their post games and how he sees himself fitting into Mike Budenholzer's system.

Brand is a veteran presence that will be a positive in the locker room but he likely still has a lot to give on the court. Robby points out that Danny Ferry said over the summer that he thought of Brand much more as a center at this stage of his career although he could also play some power forward as well. Its going to be interesting to see how all of the new pieces in the frontcourt fit together.