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ESPN Uniform Power Ranking

It's been a long summer, but finally I can look at some type of ranking.


Fellas, it has been a long time since I have been able to look at a ranking and criticize it. Well here we are at the end of August and finally I get do the thing that I enjoy doing. Now granted this isn't exactly the type of Power Ranking that we are used to, but irregardless (see what I did there) this is still a power ranking that needs to be talked about.

Well ESPN has decided to do a Uniform Power Ranking and I just couldn't help myself so I decided to take a look. Not that I should be surprised but Atlanta fell all the way to #20 in rankings where as the top spot belongs to the more "traditional" team in the Boston Celtics. GAHHH we can't ever seem to beat Boston in anything.

Classic example of a safe, boring uniform template that could be applied to virtually any team. Inoffensive, sure, but also unimaginative. Remember when this team used to break the mold?

Before actually looking at the ranking I was going to assume to rank these uniforms by popularity, so I was fully expecting to see the Heat or the Lakers as #1. Well the Heat are in the top 10 so I wasn't completely off but its still depressing to see that the Celtics landed the top spot.

Well I'm not too surprised to see us down at 20. Not excited, but I am certainly not going to blame the cursed red alternates for getting us in the bottom third of the league nope not at all. Anyway I think the biggest crime is wondering how the Bobcats didn't get the bottom spot.

Anyway Hawks fans let me know what you guys think.