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NBA Free Agent Rumors: Andrew Bynum meeting with Hawks, expected to make decision today

CBSSports' Ken Berger reports that free agent center Andrew Bynum will meet with the Atlanta Hawks and then is expected to announce his decision later on Tuesday.


The Atlanta Hawks will reportedly meet with free agent big man Andrew Bynum on Tuesday per a report from CBSSports' Ken Berger. Bynum is also expected to announce his decision sometime on Tuesday.

"There should be a deal today," said a person familiar with the negotiations.

Bynum reportedly received a two-year offer worth $24 million from the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. That deal contained a team option for the second year which would allow the Cavs to either cut ties with Bynum or retain him at a below market value rate should he turn in a quality season.

Cleveland's offer will force the Atlanta Hawks to weigh the risks with Bynum. They could potentially craft a deal that would give him more guaranteed money and more security but that exposes more risk to the team given Bynum's injury history. Is it worth it for a guy that could still be one of the top two or three centers in the game?

The Dallas Mavericks are also pursuing Bynum and could also be meeting with him on Tuesday.

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