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NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks, Bucks discussing Jeff Teague for Brandon Jennings swap

The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly discussing a potential trade that would send Jeff Teague to Milwaukee in exchange for Brandon Jennings.


The Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly discussing a deal that would reunite Jeff Teague with Larry Drew in Milwaukee while sending Brandon Jennings to Atlanta. The talks according to the report are not in an advanced stage but it would end the discussions that Atlanta is having with free agent guard Monta Ellis.

A move for Jennings seems like a much better fit given the Hawks need for a point guard. Jeff Teague has seemingly twisted in the wind since free agency opened and at this point looks like a fall back option for the Hawks. No doubt Teague's representatives are pushing hard to find some interest around the league and likely don't want to have to settle for playing for the qualifying offer in Atlanta.

Jennings is 23 years old and already has four years of experience under his belt. His shooting percentage leaves a lot to be desired but he averaged 17.4 points and 6.5 assists last season. If it comes down to a choice between Jennings or Ellis then I am firmly in the Jennings camp.