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2013 NBA Free Agency: Dallas Mavericks sign Devin Harris

Another Hawks free agent flies away from the nest as point guard Devin Harris agrees to terms with the Dallas Mavericks.


Devin Harris, he of the trade that sent Marvin Williams to Utah, has agreed to terms with the Dallas Mavericks, ESPN's Marc Stein reports:

Harris was a solid reserve for the Hawks last season, often being the beneficiary of head coach Larry Drew's teaching moments with Jeff Teague in the fourth quarter.

Harris produced at about a replacement level 14.7 PER with a combo guard like 21% assist rate. Harris was fine in his role as a backup point guard and often provided the fabled spark by attacking when Teague was sometimes passive.

Harris had a good fouls drawn rate at 14% and while he played half his time at shooting guard and the other half at point guard, he was significantly better offensively at the point

Most importantly, Harris carried a 12.75M dollar cap hold on the Hawks payroll, which will now come off the books for the Hawks, leaving their post Smith, post Harris total at 71.31M. If you remove the holds of Johan Petro and Dahtntay Jones, whom nobody believes figures into a sign-and-trade scenario, it takes the Hawks now below the cap at 58.15M.