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2013 NBA Free Agency: Atlanta Hawks sign DeMarre Carroll

The Atlanta Hawks add another Utah Jazz forward in signing DeMarre Carroll late Friday night


From Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski Friday night on Twitter:

Carroll was a small forward with Utah, who played a little above average off the bench for the Jazz last year who fills the defensive type forward we were looking at Corey Brewer to provide, but for a smaller price.

We'll have more from our Utah blog, SLC Dunk tomorrow on Carroll and Paul Millsap, the other Jazz forward the Hawks agreed to terms with on Friday.

We'll also break down the cap ramifications of Carroll's 2.5M per deal and Millsap's 9M deal. Coming into the signings, the Hawks were over the cap with cap holds, so we'll have to see who was renounced, which non-guaranteed contract are still in play and which ones were let go.

Josh Smith, Devin Harris and Zaza Pachulia are all expensive cap holds and could be renounced, much like Millsap was earlier Friday with Utah before they made a couple of trades with Warriors.