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A Peachtree Hoops thank you goes out to Robby Kalland

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Peachtree Hoops is excited to announce that our own Robby Kalland will be writing for this season.


Its never easy to write a goodbye post but I do think that this is the exception. In case you haven't heard, today is the last day for our own Robby Kalland at Peachtree Hoops as he is moving on to write for the Atlanta Hawks on their official website.

Admittedly I stink at these sorts of things but I couldn't let Robby leave without publicly thanking him for what he brought to Peachtree Hoops this year. When I first met Robby he was writing for Score Atlanta and it was easy to see that he was a talent and that he would soon be going places. Jason and I jumped at the opportunity to add him to Peachtree Hoops and we have always felt lucky to have nabbed him.

Robby brought us an inside look at the Hawks on a day to day basis which was access that we had never been able to utilize before.. Its certainly not a coincidence that Peachtree Hoops enjoyed its biggest year ever in terms of traffic and content. Robby has helped set the bar very high for the future and we really appreciate that.