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2013 NBA Free Agency: The breakout reporting star of the free agent period

While everyone was wondering what was going on with Dwight Howard, one person was getting/giving the updates. He isn't old enough to vote but he was all over Los Angeles getting the lowdown on what was happening.

Arye Abraham

Special to Peachtree Hoops -- all photos and video courtesy of Arye Abraham

During the crazy, free agent season, we tune into the Twitter feeds of Adrian Wojnarowski, Marc Stein, David Aldridge, Sam Amick, Marc Spears, Ken Berger and others -- but when it came to the Dwight Howard Showcase, in Los Angeles, one guy brought his "A" game to the table.

Arye Abraham is 16 years old and lives in L.A. and he took it upon himself, during the carefree summer months of youth, to stake out and report on who and what was going on in and out of the Dwight Howard presentations.

Arye took to Twitter and hammered out some of the best, tactical information regarding who and what was going on.

Some Examples:

In addition, he got the Rockets contingent, including what looks to be GM Daryl Morey, crossing the street. AMBUSH!

He also stealthily got his picture taken with some of the combatants, without them knowing he was actually there to report on their every word/move.

Nick Young came to L.A. -- Gotcha, Nick!

Anybody surprised at O.J Mayo agreeing to terms with Milwaukee should have been checking Arye's timeline.

For Hawks fans, Arye stopped and got his pic snapped with #16 pick Lucas Nogueira and #47 pick (sent to Utah) Raul Neto.

This is how a budding journalist/reporter is born -- fearless, bold and able to act on what they want to do.

Whoever gets Dwight Howard will finish second to Arye, who made friends with a ton of national and LA reports/bloggers for his efforts in providing info.

Well, he might have not made one friend:

Looks like the original tweet was deleted. If you out-Woj Woj, you've won the internet for this crazy, crazy free agent period. Congrats to Arye, and keep an eye on this guy -- and don't have your secret meetings in L.A.