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2013 NBA Free Agency: Big men wait on Howard decision

We're not the only ones waiting on Dwight Howard to make a decision -- the rest of the free agent big men wait, too.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As we all are in a holding pattern while Dwight Howard jets off to wherever millionaire athletes jet off to clear one's mind about where they'll make their next 100 million, teams and fans aren't the only ones that are waiting for the big man to make a call.

On our Free Agent Signing Board, we can see that only David West and Tiago Splitter have come to an agreement already, and that was with their own teams without a real, publicized conversation about moving on.

Andrew Bynum, Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, J.J. Hickson, Nikola Pekovic and Carl Landry have all had limited interaction with other teams as none of those players want to miss out on the price of their services jumping up the minute Dwight Howard picks a team and the other teams with cap room that miss out start looking for an alternative.

Atlanta's own Josh Smith has had conversations with Detroit and Houston, but will wait for Howard to choose to see where he'll play. He's been rumored to go to Houston in a sign and trade if Howard does choose Houston and the Rockets have told Smith he'd get a straight up offer if Howard doesn't go to Houston.

So while wings like Andre Iguodala and Tyreke Evans have had multiple meetings with teams, everyone else remains in a holding pattern -- and once the big fella lands, we'll another round of crazy, crazy discussions, rumors and signings to chew on as players begin to fall into place.

At least in those cities that aren't openly tanking.