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Lou Williams makes his way back to the floor (VIDEO)

Last January, Louis Williams tore his ACL and has been making the long road to recovery and he is close to making his way back.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Via and Y!Sports comes the fifth video in the long journey that Lou Williams has taken to get back on the floor for the Atlanta Hawks.

In this video, Lou discusses the work, the new players, his new coach and the city league he is trying to help launch in Atlanta.

Since he can't play, he coaches. Check it all out in the clip below:

Williams is somewhat of a forgotten man despite the high hopes the Hawks had for the role Williams would play in the effort to replace the scoring of Joe Johnson from the 2-guard spot.

Williams was brought in at a below-market price to provide the scoring but with more efficiency than before with Joe. Lou played 39 games before his injury and struggled to deliver the high level of efficiency as he had in Philadelphia.

His numbers were down across the board, even as his minutes per game were among his highest for a season (28.7 mpg). A big culprit was the reduced amount of free throws attempted (Welcome to the Hawks, Lou!). His aggressiveness did pay dividends for the team, as EvilDallas noted in his season review on Williams.

Even despite the dip, it's good to see Lou back in action and his attitude is that of a seasoned vet with a lot to offer his teammates. It's a shame he got hurt because we couldn't see what he might do with a full season and if some of those adjustments to a new team could be made and if his FTA rate would go back up.

Hard not to like the guy - He's ATL all the way. Will be good to see him get back into the groove with the Hawks.

GROUP QUESTION: What role do you see Lou playing with the Hawks next season? How many MPG do you think he'll get with the 2013-14 Atlanta Hawks?

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