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SBNation's Top 60 Summer League Rookie Rankings

Mike Prada did the job nobody wanted but had to be done....and ranked the Top 60 rookies in the Summer League play.

Lars Baron

From Mike Prada, who painstakingly, and wonderfully if you are a nut-job like myself and enjoy so much about any basketball, listed the Top 60 rookies in the NBA Summer League (as ranked by their performance).

The Hawks had three entries on Prada's list, starting with everybody's favorite German point guard.

3. Dennis Schroeder, No. 17, Hawks

He played at a pace advanced for his 19 years of age, gliding in jagged lines while beautifully changing speeds to manipulate any sort of room. He developed brilliant chemistry on the pick and roll with fellow rookie Lucas Nogueira, and handled a heavy offensive load well by finding his other three teammates for open shots. Defensively, he was brilliant, cutting off and hounding even the best lead guards he checked. He honestly looked like a young Rajon Rondo.

Also, there is a clip Prada has of FIVE minutes of unconverted passes from DS that could have been assists, but were not made such by his teammates. Excellent, specific footage.

Dennis was listed in the five player "Stars" category in the rankings. Gotta say, at this point it would be a wee bit disappointing if Schröder didn't have a solid rotational position on this team in 2013-14. Fair? Maybe not, but the wows have it.

Say, how about that other first round pick the Hawks had -- you know, the dude, with the hair?

14. Lucas Nogueira, No. 16, Hawks: What a fascinating player. He has such great timing on his blocks and developed some beautiful chemistry with Schroeder in the pick and roll. At the same time, he's got to put some meat on those bones to be a legitimate NBA player. The potential is absolutely there, though.

Yes, him. Ranked in the "Under the Radar Bigs" there was plenty to like watching BeBe out in Vegas, but it's becoming all too clear that Nogueira is likely headed back overseas to play regularly. Too bad -- the shot blocking timing that Prada mentions is absolutely there and can translate to the L -- Alas.

34. Mike Muscala, No. 44, Hawks: He hit a number of nice shots off the pick and pop as the third option in the Schroeder/Nogueira pick and roll, which was good. Played pretty poor defense and wasn't great on the glass outside of one game, which was bad.

Listed at the top of the "Everyone Else" department, Muscala has surprisingly been included in the overseas-keep-the-rights program plans. Liked his fundamentals, but did show how skinny 6'11, 235 can look in the NBA.

Check out the whole piece -- incredible analysis and video evidence from Mike Prada, who has earned some crowns in NBA Summer League heaven for this breakdown.

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