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2013 NBA Free Agents: Tyreke Evans to talk to Atlanta Hawks today

In search of wings the Atlanta Hawks are supposed to visit with Kings guard Tyreke Evans Tuesday.


Per Jason Jones, who obviously has an awesome first name but also covers the Kings for the Sacramento Bee, came this bit of news via Twitter last night:

As our NBA Free Agent Rumor Roundup informed, Evans is alleged to have a 4 year, 44 million dollar offer that can go as high as 50 million with incentives from the New Orleans Pelicans.

That might end being too rich for the Hawks blood, but let's take a look at Evans' numbers, since he hasn't been talked about much nationally since his rookie campaign.

And now his advanced statistics:

From what can we divine here?

We can see that Evans finally got back to his rookie season efficiencies (18+ PER, 50+ TS and .EFG), but he doesn't shoot threes well (28 percent lifetime), averages a mere four free throws a game, and doesn't seem to offer much defensively, according to the breakdown of his win shares and defensive efficiency.

Those numbers don't seem to fit the threes and D mode that we've been projecting to be the order of the day for this Hawks roster and likely why they didn't take Jamaal Franklin in the draft due to concerns about being able to hit the outside shot.

Toss in that Louis Williams is already on this roster and the Pelicans' very generous offer to Evans, who is still just 23, and I would forecast that this is not a match for the Hawks.