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2013 NBA Free Agency Rumors Roundup

Rumors flying by too fast? Miss anything on the overnight? Here's a roundup of the top NBA and Hawks rumors from around the league.


First, of course, when the signing begin, be sure to keep track of them on the NBA Free Agent Signing Board!

Now, let's catch up on some rumors:

Hawks-Centric Rumors:

Obviously, everyone knows that Dwight Howard is going to/has met with the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors as well as the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers. Howard has stated his decision will come on July 10, the first day to officially sign any offers.

Josh Smith, also met with the Rockets, who told him they would come after him directly with an offer if the Rockets didn't sign Howard, per Y! Sports. The Hawks have also been rumored to want to pursue a sign-and-trade with the Rockets, if Howard signs with Houston.

Tyreke Evans, somewhat forgotten nationally after his rookie year, got an offer from the New Orleans Pelicans for 4 years, 44 million dollars. However, Evans will meet with the Hawks today and also talked to Kings and Pistons yesterday as well.

Andre Iguodala, another Hawks target at the wings, will end up with a stable of suitors for his service, including the Kings, the Pistons, the Nuggets,

A popular Iguodala fallback, Corey Brewer, is also being sought after by the Nuggets, Hawks, Rockets and Pelicans, per Marc Stein.

Zaza Pachulia is being hunted by Milwaukee, Portland and San Antonio, per David Aldridge. The Hawks are still in the mix, of course and DA also mentions his recovery from Achilles surgery is on schedule.

Elsewhere around the league:

Al Jefferson is getting the full court press from the Charlotte Bobcats, says Woj.

Knicks free agent Chris Copeland is getting a look from the Indiana Pacers, from Y! Sports.

As the Nuggets prepare for anything with Iguodala and Brewer free agents, they could go after Memphis free agent Tony Allen. Woj says if Memphis can't hold onto Allen to expect the Nuggets to be a real threat.

The Wizards are hoping to hold onto Martell Webster by using some of their Mid-Level Exception, per David Aldridge.

Jarrett Jack has been contacted by the Warriors, Nuggets and Dallas, per Marc Spears of Y! Sports.

ESPN reports that the Spurs, Heat, Cavaliers, Celtics and Grizzlies are all interested in Greg Oden.

Eric Maynor agreed to a bi-annual exception contract with the Wizards, per our old friend and former Hawks beat writer Michael Lee and confirmed by David Aldridge.

Mike Dunleavy decided to quickly hop onto the Chicago Bulls roster by agreeing to a 2-yr, 6M dollar deal, per Marc Stein.

Andray Blatche has committed to go back to the Nets, broken by Peter Vecsey. Sam Amick later reported that it was for 1.4M, meaning the Wizards, who amnestied him, remains on the hook for about 8M of his salary. Blatche took less from the Nets so he could continue to stick it to the Wizards.

The Jazz made sure Paul Millsap knew they wanted him back, per CBS Sports' Ken Berger.

Minnesota has 4 year offers out to J.J. Redick and Chase Budinger, per Woj. Redick later dined with Clippers' coach Doc Rivers, also Woj.

Budinger is also sought after by the Jazz, Pacers and Grizzlies, per Woj.

The Clippers are interested in O.J. Mayo, per Sam Amick, who also talks about how he could get there. Mayo also met with the Timberwolves, per Marc Spears.

Dorell Wright appears to be a top target for the Oklahoma City Thunder, per Woj.