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2013 NBA Free Agency: Andrew Bynum picks Cleveland

Andrew Bynum chose the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday night after they offered 6M guaranteed money for this season.


ESPN's Chris Broussard was first with the news:

Then Woj brought the dollars.

We released, earlier in the day, that the Hawks had not renounced any more than we had previously supposed, and even got a surprise in that Anthony Tolliver had not been renounced.

That, plus the non-release of DeShawn Stevenson's non-guaranteed (2.24M) contract didn't lay out well for the Hawks to offer even what Cleveland did.

The fact that the dollars risk was somewhat low speaks to the probability that the Hawks, like some other teams reportedly, didn't feel as though Bynum could offer much on the court. They weren't the only ones, tweets Woj!

As we recall, Bynum also came into last season with questions, and then famously injured himself during rehab all over again by bowling, and never played a game for the Sixers.

The Hawks still have around 9M left to offer a free agent, and have the rights to Jeff Teague, Ivan Johnson and Tolliver. The next six players in line on our Signing Board are Nikola Pekovic, Andrei Kirilenko, Teague, Brandon Jennings, Nate Robinson and Monta Ellis.

Pekovic has been rumored to being close to re-signing with Minnesota for 12M+/yr, nothing has been rumored on AK47, Nate Robinson is routinely overlooked until the free agency endgame and the Hawks have been in on Teague, Jennings and Ellis endlessly.

GROUP QUESTION: Scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is glad we didn't get him and 10 is enraged they didn't get him, how do you feel about not getting Andrew Bynum?

Update: Per's Marc Stein

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