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2013 NBA Free Agency: Andrew Bynum has three suitors, wants one to pony up

Andrew Bynum visited Dallas on Wednesday, and he has decided to let somebody raise their offer.

Harry How

Andrew Bynum visited the Hawks on Tuesday, Dallas on Wednesday and Cleveland what seems like 59 weeks ago.

He emerged from the meetings with a message, as told to the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

As for whether a decision is expected today? "It depends," David Lee said. "It takes two to make an agreement."

Lee is Bynum's representation and his message is clear: Nobody has said the magic words to get Andrew Bynum to sign a contract.

No doubt, folks are concerned with the fact that, oh I don't know, Bynum didn't play a single game for the 76ers last year due to injury. That could be a tiny concern to the three teams that are being asked to up the ante for the productive big man.

Bynum's timing is good: The Minnesota Timberwolves look close to securing their restricted free agent big man, Nikola Pekovic, leaving Bynum all alone among the very top centers left in free agency.

Bynum's many suitors has left him in the fabled catbird's seat in negotiations. We know he doesn't mind waiting it out -- heck, he's been out a full season. All he needs to make sure is he doesn't push it and have two teams spend that money rather than wait.

What's he asking for? It hasn't been reported, except that reported offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers of a 2 year, 24 million dollar deal. If that report is right, Bynum may want more money and/or dollars that that. We thought coming in that he would want a regular 4 year, 50-65M dollar deal. Is he trying for that now?

UPDATE: Marc Stein reports about the CLE offer being a little light on the guaranteed cash:

Only 6M guaranteed? We know now why Bynum wants teams to raise the stakes.

To do that, Dallas may have to make a move on Shawn Marion, the Hawks are in good position to go up, but is one of the teams that may move on, and then Cleveland, who made the original offer.

We'll see how long he cares to wait, but be sure that these teams may make a counter-move in the media, allowing other rumors of players to be going to their clubs, and see if that entices Bynum to come back to them instead.

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