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2013 NBA Free Agency Rumors: Mo Williams, Jeff Teague and all the explanations.

The PG position has created interesting drama around the Hawks, here's the latest.


According to Marc Stein of, the Atlanta Hawks are now being discussed in association with yet ANOTHER point guard, this time former Cavalier (among others) Mo Williams.

Williams is a good fit at the point, especially if the Hawks are able to land Andrew Bynum.

Now, about the other part of it, the Jeff Teague scenario -- Marc Stein is all over it!

If the Bucks sign Teague to an offer sheet, that is the end of all Sign and Trade talks, since a player signed to an offer sheet can no longer be sign and traded. In fact, if the Hawks match the offer sheet, they can't trade him for three months at all, a year without player consent and not at all for a year to the team that launched the offer sheet.

So there is motivation to pick up the pace on the trade front, given that the Hawks will likely miss out on Brandon Jennings or Ellis if Teague signs the offer sheet, especially if the Hawks are able to land Andrew Bynum.

We outlined how the Hawks current cap position in this post, but there is a way the Hawks can add a little more, based on our estimations.

DeMarre Carroll has been reported to agree to a 2 year, 5 million dollar deal. If the Hawks delay his official signing, they can do these other deals and sign Carroll using the Room Exception, which is the exception for teams under the cap, and starts at 2.65M, according to David Aldridge last night.

Lots of intrigue, much to do, #eventhehawks can be in the mix, also according to Stein.

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