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NBA Free Agent Rumors: Bynum postpones decision, Ellis deciding soon

Andrew Bynum didn't announce his free agent destination on Tuesday and will meet with Dallas on Wednesday. Monta Ellis seems to be narrowing his choices. The Atlanta Hawks are still considered a possible landing spot for both players.


Andrew Bynum met with the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday but did not make his free agent decision. He will instead meet with the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday and his agent indicated that there is no timetable for when his decision might be made.

Cleveland gave Bynum a two-year offer worth $24M with a team option on the second year. The Cavs reportedly pushed Bynum for a quick decision which likely led to the report on Tuesday that he would decide. It doesn't appear now that Bynum's group will be pushed into a decision which could leave Cleveland looking elsewhere.

The Dallas Mavericks currently have less salary cap room than the Hawks but are reportedly shopping Shawn Marion's expiring contract that is worth $9 million which would give them the space to enter the fray for Bynum and guard Monta Ellis.

Ellis on Tuesday reportedly narrowed his list of teams down to the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings and the Dallas Mavericks. The Kings completed a trade with Milwaukee for forward Luc Richard Mbah A Moute and that could take them out of the running for Ellis.

Actual contract signings begin on Wednesday and that should speed the free agency wheels once again as teams ink players and actually know what they are dealing with in terms of the salary cap. Currently we don't know if the Hawks offered Bynum a contract and if they did what it included. Cleveland still appears to be the frontrunner but the longer this drags on the more it could start to swing. Dallas shouldn't be seen as a real threat until they are able to find a taker for Shawn Marion. Once that happens they could become the favorite quickly.

Don't forget Milwaukee's reported interest in Jeff Teague and the trade of Mbah A Moute could help clear some space for an offer. As Jason outlined before a sign and trade for Ellis would still be possible even with a Bynum signing.

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