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2013 NBA Free Agency: Andrew Bynum & Monta Ellis - How can the Hawks fit them under the cap?

July 10th is the first day of official NBA business, and the Hawks should make these agreements official signings today.


We went through the NBA salary cap in greater detail than anywhere else, which was probably enough for you to pull the ibuprofen out and take a couple last Saturday night.

Now, some of these scenarios will start to play out, as the Hawks begin to make the publicized agreements between the team and Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver and DaMarre Carroll official.

According to reports:

Millsap will sign a two year, 19 million dollar contract

Korver will sign a four year, 24 million dollar contract

Carroll will sign a two year, 5 million dollar contract


Al Horford: 12.0M

Paul Millsap: 9M

Kyle Korver: 5.4M (assumed starting point of reported 4 year, 24 million dollar deal)

Lou Williams: 5.22M

DeMarre Carroll: 2.5M

John Jenkins: 1.258M

Jared Cunningham: 1.208M

Lucas Nogueira: 1.4M

Dennis Schroeder: 1.3M

DeShawn Stevenson: 2.24M

Mike Scott: 800K

Shelvin Mack: 900K

Mike Muscala: ~500K (based on Mike Scott 2012-13)

Jeff Teague: 6M (Cap Hold only)

Ivan Johnson: 1.2M (Cap Hold only)

Jeremy Tyler: 100K left over from last year, will count on this year's cap

The Hawks, after accounting for all guaranteed and non-guaranteed contracts, as well as their rookie holds, have a total of 51.03M committed in salaries for next season. (15 players, required to roster 12 for cap purposes).

Last night, multiple reports showed the 2013-14 NBA salary cap at 58.679M, slightly above the number we were playing with.

The 51.03M does not include the FA cap holds on Johan Petro and Dahntay Jones, whom we expect to get confirmation that the Bird rights the Hawks have on these two will be renounced, meaning the ~12M they are holding on the cap will get taken away.

The other cap holds are for Jeff Teague (6M) and Ivan Johnson (1.2M). These will remain until the team renounces them like Petro and Jones, or they sign a contract, either with the Hawks or elsewhere.

The Hawks have been looking to sign one of these names: Andrew Bynum, Monta Ellis or Brandon Jennings.

Right now, the ~7.65M under the cap the Hawks are will not be enough for the first year of any contract involving one of these three, so the Hawks will likely look at releasing one or more of the non-guaranteed contracts on the roster, currently.

DeShawn Stevenson would be a good bet, given his 2.24M cap number, and would bring the first year number closer to 9.89M.

Still not enough, so if they renounce Ivan Johnson (1.2M) and release another non-guaranteed contract like Shelvin Mack (900K), that first year offer can be up to ~12M,

They could obviously go higher by renouncing Teague and free up 6M instead, but they probably want to keep Teague's cap hold so that they can sign someone like Bynum at 12M and then be able to sign and trade Teague, or keep him and go over the cap to do it.

One last scenario involves our international draft picks -- If one or both plays overseason, the Hawks can send a letter to the NBA stating they won't play in the league all year and that cap space will be removed.

Teams must have 12 roster spots filled. If a team has an open roster spot, the subsequent spots get a league minimum for a cap hold until a player occupies that slot.

Second round picks have no cap hold, so you can remove Muscala's 500K, but it's also about the same as the minimum. But if the Hawks already have 12 players accounted for in the cap, then you wouldn't want to sign Mike before you finish your free agent business.

It all goes down today -- see it all unfold here!

GROUP QUESTION: How do you want it all to go down when things begin to become official? What's the scenario you want to see?

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