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NBA Free Agent Rumors: Josh Smith to meet with Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks on Monday

Yahoo Sports Marc Spears reports that Josh Smith will speak with both the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.


Free agent forward Josh Smith is expected to meet with the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks on Monday according to a report by Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears. Smith met with the Detroit Pistons shortly after the free agency period opened.

Smith had been viewed as a backup plan for the Rockets in case they were unable to lure Dwight Howard away from the Los Angeles Lakers. Atlanta is also targeting Howard and will meet with him on Monday as well.

Depending on how those meetings go, the Hawks could also potentially explore a sign and trade for Smith with the Rockets who are shopping center Omer Asik.

Although the Hawks can give Smith a longer deal worth more money, they have reportedly been more interested in facilitating a sign and trade than re-signing him for themselves.