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2013 NBA Free Agency: Could Josh Smith stay an Atlanta Hawk?

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Y! Sports reports that the nine year Atlanta hometown kid's departure from the Hawks is not a foregone conclusion.


Alternate Headline: Just when you thought you'd read all the writing on the wall....

Marc Spears from Y!Sports takes the lid off the Josh Smith in Atlanta container and takes a long whiff in a top 10 free agents list with this tweet...

And here is the text from the Y!Sports slideshow (read the whole thing -- good read):

3. Josh Smith, F, Atlanta Hawks
Smith, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, is open-minded about returning to Atlanta, one league source said. Smith and new Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer have had some conversations since Budenholzer was recently hired. Smith, 27, respects Budenholzer's background as Gregg Popovich's longtime assistant with the San Antonio Spurs. Smith's representation is still working on trimming down a long list of interested teams to a smaller group for meetings likely to take place in Los Angeles this week. Dwight Howard's decision is expected to affect Smith's options.

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