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2013 NBA Free Agency: Kyle Korver drawing interest from the Brooklyn Nets

The NBA's free agency period begins at midnight on Sunday and the Brooklyn Nets are among the teams that are reportedly interested in Atlanta Hawks forward Kyle Korver.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver figures to have several suitors when free agency opens including his current team the Atlanta Hawks. The Brooklyn Nets are the latest team to express interest following their blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics. The problem for the Nets is that they may not have a lot of money to throw at Korver.

The New York Post reports that Brooklyn would consider offering Korver all or part of their mini-midlevel exceptionwhich is worth approximately $3.2 million.

The Nets likely would use all or part of their $3.2 million mini-mid-level exception, which presumably had been earmarked for Bojan Bogdanovic.

The biggest link between Korver and the Nets is that his agent, Jeff Schwartz, also represents a number of Nets players including Deron Williams, newly acquired Paul Pierce and head coach Jason Kidd.

Korver is 32 years old and is coming off one of the best statistical seasons of his career. This could be one of the last opportunities he has for a multi-year deal. Brooklyn no doubt will try to sell him on being the missing piece to what they hope is a champioinship squad.