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Draft Night Recap: The three draft picks and Danny Ferry's reaction

The Hawks made numerous trades over the course of draft night that ended in three official draft selections: Lucas Nogueira (16), Dennis Schroeder (17), and Mike Muscala (44). Danny Ferry spoke to the media after the dust had settled.

Mike Stobe

The Hawks have the rights to three new players: Lucas Nogueira (Brazil, 16th selection), Dennis Schroeder (Germany, 17th selection), and Mike Muscala (Bucknell, 44th selection). The Hawks acquired the rights to Nogueira and Muscala in a trade with the Dallas Mavericks that sent Dallas the rights to Shane Larkin (Miami, 18th selection) and brought the Hawks Jared Cunningham's salary (he will likely be released).

The Hawks also made two other deals sending 47th selection Raul Neto (Brazil) to the Utah Jazz for a 2015 second round pick, and 50th selection James Ennis (Long Beach State) to the Heat for a 2017 second round pick. These trades were still being processed when Danny Ferry came to speak with the media, so he was unable to comment on them.

Ferry was excited about the way the draft transpired and was sure to say that the Hawks looked at all possibilities moving up and down in the first round before deciding on their course of action. As for Lucas Nogueira, Ferry spoke about why he was so happy to move up to 16 to take him.

"Lucas has both a tremendous level of talent and charisma as well. He can do things athletically with his length for protecting the rim and finishing around the rim. He has a good understanding of the game, good basketball player, and good teammate. We hopefully drafted well, but now that's just the first step. Now we have to develop them and they have to earn their opportunity and we'll have to do well in each step."

Lucas will likely be in Atlanta tomorrow according to Ferry, while the other first round pick Dennis Schroeder will be in Atlanta at some point. Ferry would not give any definite answer about whether the two players would play for the Hawks this year, but noted that each brings a skill set that can be effective in the NBA.

"There's a lot of decisions that have to be made. Working with agents, working with players, and with free agency as well, but I think both of the guys drafted in the first round can be very solid parts of our team. Two very important positions filling out center position, a guy that protect the rim and finish around the basket as well, and point guard position, with his competitiveness he brings and his ability to play both ways...Both guys could play in the league next year, it's possible."

As for second round pick Mike Muscala, Ferry saw a lot of value in taking him at 44th overall, when he was a potential first-round pick in some's view.

"Mike's a guy that we've come to like throughout the year. He has areas that he needs to grow and develop, especially physically, but from a basketball standpoint, character standpoint, understanding of the game, he's an excellent passer, he rebounds the ball well, he can shoot it, he plays hard, he runs the court. We're excited he was available for us to pick and look forward to working with him."

Danny did not indicate that Schroeder's selection would have any effect on Jeff Teague's status as a free agent with the Hawks, or Atlanta's interest in bringing Jeff back. Ferry said that they would absolutely be talking with Teague come free agency and will go through the process.

When asked if any of these draft picks would be part of more deals in the future, Danny said, "I would never tell you...I'm not the Princess Bride guy. We drafted these guys because we like them." Ferry also would not elaborate on any qualifying offer news and we are unlikely to know about that until next week.