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Hawks draft Raul Neto with the 47th pick

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The Atlanta Hawks have selected Raul Neto (Brazil) with the 47th pick in the NBA Draft.


The Hawks selected their second Brazilian player in Raul Neto who played for Lagun Aro GBC (Spain) with the 47th pick in the NBA Draft. Neto is a quick 6-foot tall point guard that plays with Lucas Nogueira (Hawks 16th overall pick) on the Brazilian national team.

Neto played this past year in the top Spanish basketball league and averaged 8 points, 2.8 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. Neto is known as a penetrating guard and will have a long way to go developmentally, but is thought to have a ceiling as a poor-man's Ricky Rubio (nowhere near Rubio's talent right now, but similar styles...and they look alike).

Neto will definitely be a draft-and-stash player and may never come over to play here, but he will save the Hawks a roster spot and salary, and could eventually become a role player in a few years. The Hawks still have the 50th overall selection to go.