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2013 NBA Draft: Hawks among teams eyeing Mavericks' pick at No. 13

Chad Ford reports that the Atlanta Hawks are among the teams that are interested in Dallas' pick at No. 13.


The Atlanta Hawks have been rumored at looking for ways to move up in Thursday's draft and Chad Ford mentions them along with a couple of other teams as interested in the Mavericks' pick at No. 13. Interestingly the target, according to Ford, would be Sergey Karasev.

A ton of teams are trying to get the Mavs' 2013 pick. The Cavs have been the most prominent suitor, but the Bucks, Hawks and Nets are also trying to get up there. In virtually every case the target is Sergey Karasev. The biggest issue for each team is that both the Sixers and Thunder are sending signals they might take Karasev before 13.

As Ford also mentions the issues is that the Thunder are interested in taking Karasev at No. 12. This just speaks to the fluidity of this draft and how Karasev is now being mentioned in the lottery and was also looked at as an option for Atlanta with the 17th pick.