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Report: Hawks looking to move up; Working out Shabazz Muhammad and Jamaal Franklin

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Atlanta Hawks worked out Shabazz Muhammad and Jamaal Franklin tomorrow, and are also exploring the possibility of trading up in the draft.


The Atlanta Hawks draft workout information has been tough to come by this year, but Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Hawks brought in UCLA forward Shabazz Muhammad and San Diego State guard/forward Jamaal Franklin for a workout tomorrow. Per Spears' article, the Hawks are also exploring trade opportunities in the draft and are targeting a high first round pick.

The Hawks have the 17th and 18th first-round selections and the 47th overall in the second round. Atlanta has had trade conversations with at least one team picking in the top five, a source said.

The Hawks also controls the 50th overall selection in the second round. A trade into the top five seems unlikely considering the Hawks would likely have to give up at least three of their four draft picks, and with so many roster spots to fill that seems like a risky proposition to make that gamble. A move to get in the top five would likely mean that Trey Burke is the target, followed by Victor Oladipo. I've been told that some in the Hawks front office are extremely high on Burke and think he could become a star in the NBA.

Spears also reported that Muhammad was someone that "intrigued" the Hawks, which is not surprising considering he came into the year as the potential top pick in the draft before sliding into the mid-first round discussion due to a sub-par year at UCLA. Muhammad has some red flags, most notably his work ethic which has been questioned a number of times this season. Character and work ethic are two things that Danny Ferry and Mike Budenholzer have referenced on numerous occasions as being extremely important to them, so Muhammad may intrigue them, but he will have to pass their character test in interviews if they are going to use a pick on him.

Jamaal Franklin's name also appeared in Spears' article as someone participating in tomorrow's workout (that Spears said would be the final draft workout for Atlanta). Franklin is the anti-Shabazz in terms of having no work ethic and characters questions, and is known as a defender rather than a scorer. Franklin is a player that I have pointed to throughout the process as a very likely selection and a guy that seems to fit the mold of player that would impress Ferry and Budenholzer on and off the court.