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2013-14 NBA Odds: Heat favored, Hawks back in the pack

Oddsmakers favor the Miami Heat to win their third straight championship next season at a 3-1 clip. The Atlanta Hawks expectedly are back in the pack but might not be as far back as you would expect.

Mike Ehrmann

The 2012-13 NBA Season is over and oddsmakers are already making the Miami Heat an overwhelming favorite again for next season. The Heat are 3-1 favorites to capture their third straight championship according to and are followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder who are 7-1. Here is a look at the top 10:

Miami Heat 3-1
Oklahoma City Thunder 7-1
San Antonio Spurs 10-1
Chicago Bulls 11-1
Indiana Pacers 16-1
Los Angeles Clippers 20-1
Houston Rockets 22-1
Memphis Grizzlies 25-1
New York Knicks 30-1
Denver Nuggets 35-1
Golden State Warriors 35-1
Los Angeles Lakers 35-1

The Atlanta Hawks are farther back as would be expected but at 75-1 but considering they have three players with guaranteed contracts for next season combined with the pending loss of Josh Smith, that may not actually be too bad. The longest of longshots honor is shared this season by the Orlando Magic and the Charlotte Bobcats who are both have 500-1 odds to take the 2014 NBA Championship.