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Clippers-Celtics trade breaks down, is good news for the Atlanta Hawks

Trade talks between the Clippers and Celtics have broken down and that is good news for the Atlanta Hawks.


Those Atlanta Hawks fans that are holding out hope that Danny Ferry can capture the two biggest names on the free agent market this summer should have took a big deep breath on Tuesday after it was reported that the potential mega trade between the Celtics and Clippers was dead.

The deal as reported would have involved Boston's Kevin Garnett, negotiating rights with head coach Doc Rivers and other spare parts for Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and some draft picks. Eric Bledsoe's name was also bantered about but wasn't reportedly in the deal that was being discussed at the time talks were broken off.

Had this deal gone through it would have been a virtual lock that Chris Paul would have agreed to re-sign with the Clippers this summer. How the deal falling through will effect Paul's situation is unknown. Its also important to point out that the deal is reported dead as of this moment but could be revived at some point. The Clippers have vowed to continue their search for a head coach and reportedly plan to have one in place by as late as early next week.

For the Hawks this development doesn't really change anything. Paul to Atlanta remains a longshot but the odds would have shrunk considerably had the Clippers been able to secure both Garnett and Doc Rivers.