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2013 NBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks Draft Primer: Looking at bigs, wings in the first round

After years of not having much in the way of front court help, Al Horford could find himself with two rookie centers to help shoulder the load.


As we at SBNation NBA have been going through the processes of our own internal Mock Draft, it has been an interesting exercise to see who the Hawks might be choosing from come time to use the #17 and #18 picks of the first round.

As time goes by, usually big men rise to the top of mock drafts, but looking out through the interwebs, you can see the Hawks could have much to choose from when it comes time to use their picks.

First of all, they have a number of ways they can go in using their selections, which we covered off on in this piece.

Once they decide which way to go, who might they be looking at with their selection?

Here are some of the names I feel they could be choosing from when Danny Ferry and company are placed on the clock and my quick analysis of each. Peachtree Hoops will break players individually down throughout the path to the draft.


Steven Adams

Very raw big man from Pittsburgh, Adams has an excellent frame but is just learning the game with limited track record of performance.

Kelly Olynyk

Olynyk was an excellent scorer at Gonzaga with a good shooting touch. He is not a banging, above the rim force and has a below average wingspan. A finesse, scoring rotational big.

Mason Plumlee

Plumlee offers little upside as a first but comes with great hands, excellent rebounding and an ability to run the floor and finish above the rim.

Gorgui Dieng

Instinctive shot blocker with the plus ability to pass the ball. Dieng offers an across the board type of big who can likely step into the rotation immediately.

Rudy Gobert

Totally agree with the Tyson Chandler comparisons when Chandler was coming out of HS, except that Chandler had more explosion than does Gobert. Extremely long wingspan and good off-ball defensive instincts with quick hands.


Jamaal Franklin

Very impressive wingspan for a guard/forward and a tenacious player. His shot will remind you of Josh Childress with his two-hand push. Great athleticism and rebounder from the wing.

Tony Mitchell

Impressive athlete with very questionable shot selection. Watching him reminds you of a certain player with whom the team might be parting.

Sergey Karasev

Straight shooter. At 6'7, is in between guard and forward but has a high basketball IQ and good court vision to go with excellent shot.

Giannis Adetokunbo

An emerging 6'9 project from Greece, Giannis is a small forward that has a potential that lands between Toni Kukoc and Boris Diaw. Good ball handling skills, finishes above the rim and passes well. Has excellent defensive length as well.

Allen Crabbe

Catch and shoot jump shot specialist. Doesn't get shot off as quick as someone like John Jenkins. Length on perimeter makes him a solid defender.

Reggie Bullock

Another shooter, Bullock doesn't waste any body motion in getting his shot off either in spot-up or coming off a screen.


Dennis Schroeder

Interesting PG prospect from Germany. Displays great passing instincts and patience. Good still shooter that struggles to finish off the move.

Shane Larkin

Sick, sick athleticism, Larkin is excellent offensively in the PNR and big time shooter. Size is the biggest concern as to his finishing at the rim and defense.

Exit Question: Assuming the Hawks use both picks, which two players would you like to see Atlanta pick?