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The Ultimate Atlanta Hawks Off-season Primer

Prepare for the biggest off-season in Hawks history with the Peachtree Hoops Off-season Primer.

Kevin C. Cox


This summer is going to be extremely busy as Danny Ferry and the Atlanta Hawks will have to fill up to 12 roster spots through the draft, free agency, and trades. Our off-season primer will prepare you with all of the important dates, salary figures, and roster information.

Important Dates:

May 15-19: NBA Draft Combine in Chicago

May 21: NBA Draft Lottery

June 20-30: Period for team's to extend Qualifying Offers to Restricted Free Agents

June 27: NBA Draft (Hawks currently hold picks 17 (1st), 18 (1st), 47 (2nd), 50 (2nd))

July 1st: Free Agency Begins

Hawks Salary Figures as of July 1st, 2013:

Al Horford: $12,000,000 (Guaranteed)

Lou Williams: $5,225,000 (Guaranteed)

John Jenkins: $1,258,800 (Guaranteed)

DeShawn Stevenson: $2,240,500 (Non-Guaranteed)

Mike Scott: $788,872 (Non-Guaranteed)

Shelvin Mack: $788,872 (Non-Guaranteed)

Hawks Restricted Free Agents:

Jeff Teague: $3,469,568 (Qualifying Offer/RFA)

Ivan Johnson: $1,202,744 (Qualifying Offer/RFA)

Hawks Unrestricted Free Agents:

Josh Smith (2012 salary: $13,200,000)

Devin Harris (2012 salary: $8,500,000)

Zaza Pachulia (2012 salary: $5,248,800)

Kyle Korver (2012 salary: $5,000,000)

Johan Petro (2012 salary: $3,500,000)

Dahntay Jones (2012 salary: $2,900,000)

Anthony Tolliver (2012 salary: $915,852)

Hawks Projected Cap Room as of July 1st, 2013: $33.1 million

The projected cap room is based off of an approximated $60 million cap number. $33.1 reflects the Hawks potential cap room if they retain DeShawn Stevenson, Mike Scott, and Shelvin Mack, extend qualifying offers to but do not sign Jeff Teague and Ivan Johnson, and allow Josh Smith to sign elsewhere.

The Hawks are most likely going to renounce DeShawn Stevenson's rights and release him prior to free agency, freeing up $2,240,450.

However, they will have cap-holds from Jeff Teague ($6,082,692) and Ivan Johnson ($1,250,854) by extending them a qualifying offer until they either sign with the team for a different amount or sign elsewhere. Josh Smith's cap-hold will be $16,402,500 in order for the Hawks to retain bird rights, but like the others will be gone once he signs elsewhere or will change to his contract amount should he sign here.

If the Hawks retain and sign both first round picks they will likely cost $1,617,840 (17th) and $1,536,960 (18th) (120% of the rookie contract scale), and, with the rookie minimum for next year set at $490,180, their two second round picks would eat into the cap by just under a million. The rookie contracts will be finalized likely after free agency because the Hawks can go over the cap to sign draft picks. The first round picks will have cap-holds of $1,348,200 and $1,280,800 until they are likely signed for 20% more. Second round picks do not have cap-holds because they are non-guaranteed.

With cap holds, the Hawks have approximately $9 million dollars to spend on July 1st. Due to the cap-holds' restrictions on the Hawks cap space, they will have to deal with their own free agents first. A decision on Jeff Teague will likely come quickly and once Smith's cap-hold is removed, they could have upwards of $31 million dollars to spend in free agency, and then can go over the cap to fill the roster out with minimum contracts and potential exceptions.


While what the Hawks do this offseason is unknown, what we know for sure is that they will be extremely active as they try to fill roster spots, utilize their four draft picks, and spend up to $33.1 million in cap room. Hopefully this rundown provided some clarity on the situation as we move towards the off-season chaos.

If you're feeling bored and want to brush up on your CBA knowledge click here to go to Larry Coon's CBA FAQ's. It's a must read/bookmark if you are going to try and figure out the CBA and the numerous exceptions/minimums/salary scales that will be vital to this Hawks off-season. The rookie salary scale for this season is available on here.

Updated: Removed previous section on the mid-level exception options, and added section on cap-holds due to issues brought to my attention by Hawksfanatic.