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Kyle Korver, Zaza Pachulia open to return to Atlanta

The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly expressed an interest in re-signing Kyle Korver and Zaza Pachulia is also interested in remaining in Atlanta.


The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly already expressed an interest in re-signing Kyle Korver who will be a unrestricted free agent this summer. Korver was acquired in a salary dump from the Chicago Bulls last offseason and averaged 10.9 points per game while making 46 percent of his three point attempts. It sounds like Korver is a firm believer in Danny Ferry which is a good thing going forward.

"They said they would like to work something out, so we'll talk in July," Korver said. "I really enjoyed my year here in Atlanta. I enjoyed the team. I enjoyed the organization. I believe (general manager) Danny Ferry is going to do some great things here. I think he has a great opportunity to bring in guys who are going to play fun basketball.

"You know the vision he has. You know the kind of basketball that he likes to watch, and I think he's going to bring in those types of guys, and I like the same basketball that he likes. So, I'm very open to coming back here."

In addition to Korver, reserve center Zaza Pachulia also expressed a desire to remain in Atlanta. Pachulia is currently recovering from season ending surgery on his Achilles but should be good to go next season. Pachulia has called Atlanta home for the last eight seasons.

"How can I not (want to be back)," Pachulia said after cleaning out his locker following the season-ending loss. "I've been here eight years. I call Atlanta home. You guys know the relationship between me and fans. I would love to be back again. This is my third time being a free agent, and we all understand the business, but again, we'll see what July brings."

Korver is likely to have plenty of suitors this offseason and Pachulia could have as well depending on how his recovery goes.