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Matt Moore creates a new Josh Smith contract stipulation...and it's brilliant

Matt Moore of CBS Sports' Eye on Basketball Blog produced some brilliant new ideas for Josh Smith's next contract.


As we all know, Josh Smith famously said that he feels he deserves a max contract. While most all of us have disagreed and presented our reasonings for why he is undeserving of such a contract, Matt Moore of CBS Sports' Eye on Basketball Blog looked in a different direction: Could someone give Smith a max contract with the right stipulations and make it worthwhile. Moore ends his article with a qualifier, but despite the probable illegalities of the idea, it may be the greatest contract stipulation ever.

If I'm a team with cap space ready to build, I offer Smith a max on one condition. There's a $7,500 charge for every shot taken outside the paint that he doesn't make.

Smith took 533 jumpers (backcourt heaves at the buzzer not included) this season according to If he replicated that next season, and made none of them, it would cost him nearly $4 million, and $4 million for each season he shot the same. If he made the exact same percentage he did this year, it would cost him close to $2.8 million...

Note: This is probably not allowable under any circumstances under the CBA and Smith's agent would rather light himself on fire than submit his client to this. But isn't it a great idea?

You can read Moore's full article here.

Is the idea perfect? No. Josh is still Josh, and you wouldn't ever bring his decision making completely under control, but this would be a step in the right direction. The better question: Would be hilarious to watch Smith trying to decide whether a jumper was worth it if it was going to cost him $7,500 every time? Yes. Here's hoping that this is somehow not illegal, and someone tries to make this reality.