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Hawks Season in Review - Louis Williams

Continuing the Hawks Season in Review, we evaluate what was expected for each player and how they performed, we remember a highlight or moment, and we look into their future prospects with the Hawks. We now review the first season of Louis Williams as he returns home to Atlanta.

Mike Ehrmann


Louis Williams came from Philly as one the best bench scorers in the league, able to create his own shot and to get line frequently. That’s exactly what was expected of Lou in his homecoming to the ATL. There was some consideration to using him in the starting lineup as he got 9 starts.


If you consider these write-ups are in order of points scored and that Lou was lost for the year after less than half a season of games, you have to be impressed. However looking at the numbers Lou wasn’t matching the volume of production he was achieving with the Sixers, but he was more efficient and actually seeing more minutes on court. I attribute the drop in total points to Lou being on the court with more offensive options. One stat that stands out is Lou shooting his best from 3 point range ever. After the injury there were many instances where the Hawks clearly missed Lou on the floor as they became a jump shot or die team all too often.


I hate going to a loss for a highlight, but on January 5th Lou Williams led the Hawks to a near perfect first half against Boston. Hawks were ahead 53-38 behind 21 points for Lou Williams. He was smoking hot with long bombs and layups. Lou didn’t miss a shot in the 1st quarter and only 1 in the 2nd quarter. Unfortunately the Hawks played the worst 3rd quarter I can remember (outscored 33-9) and Lou only hit 1 of 3 shots over the rest of the game. A painful loss that squandered an awe inspiring start.


Louis Williams like John Jenkins and Al Horford is one of the few under contract. He’ll likely be back to the same role of 2nd team offense once healthy again. ACL recovery is tricky though and that may not be until mid-season. If he is out that long then the realistic goal would be to have him integrated into the new team by playoff time.