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Dwight Howard to consider the Atlanta Hawks in free agency, according to report

The LA Daily News is reporting that the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors are among the handful of teams that Dwight Howard will consider in free agency this offseason.


Free Agency is still a month or so away but the wheels are starting to be put in motion. Dwight Howard along with Chris Paul will be the two biggest targets on the market this summer and both figure to hear from Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry shortly after the free agent period opens. According to a report by the LA Daily News who cite sources close to Howard, the Atlanta Hawks are one of the teams that Howard will consider this summer.

A source familiar with Howard's thinking says he plans to test free agency and has considered the Lakers, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Golden State.

Dallas and Houston have been rumored as popular destinations for Howard if he decided to leave Los Angeles. The Hawks have also been rumored but this is the first time that it has been reported that Atlanta would be considered by Howard.

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the few teams that can offer Howard a max deal as soon as free agency opens. The Mavericks and Rockets would have to make some minor deals to be able to make a max offer.