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Mike Scott discusses rookie season in return home

Mike Scott recently returned home to Virginia and discussed his recently completed rookie season in the NBA.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks rookie Mike Scott was back home in Virginia on Saturday to visit his old high school and sign autographs at a Norfolk Foot Locker. While there, Scott talked about his transition to the NBA and admitted that it wasn't always a smooth ride.

"At first you're thinking you'll play a lot, and you came from a college where you played a lot., you're the man, and actually that's not what it is," recalled Scott, "It's a big transition. You want to start over, take your time and basically learn your role."

Scott also discussed his trip to the D-League and how at first a demotion to the NBA's minor league system can be seen as a negative by a player.

"At first, I was like, 'Man, do they not think I can play?' But that was just the immaturity," Scott said, "(The D-league) was basically to get down there and get some playing time, have fun and play.

"At the same time I went down there, I took care of business."

By all accounts Scott was a class act during his rookie season and depending on what moves are made this offseason seems like a good bet to return to the Hawks next season. Currently his contract for next season is non-guaranteed. He averaged 4.6 points and 1.8 rebounds in 40 games with the Hawks in 2013.

His quote about playing time provides a great insight into the thinking of a lot of players coming from college to the NBA. They are so used to playing and seeing things work out for them throughout high school and college that it is a bit of a jolt once they reach the NBA. That was where Scott's good work ethic appeared to pay off with the Hawks.