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Hawks Season in Review - Mike Scott

Continuing the Hawks Season in Review, we evaluate what was expected for each player and how they performed, we remember a highlight or moment, and we look into their future prospects with the Hawks. Today we look at last year's 2nd round draft pick out of Virginia, Mike Scott.

Bruce Bennett


Keith Benson, Pape Sy, and Sergiy Gladyr were the 3 previous 2nd round picks for a total of 6 NBA games. That sets the bar pretty low for a 2nd round pick like Mike Scott. The last 2nd rounder to get significant playing time was Solomon Jones in 2006-2007 on a team that won 30 games. Just sticking on the roster would be a step in the right direction for Mike Scott. Any minutes he would get under Larry Drew would seem like a bonus.


Mike Scott average 9.4 mpg and appeared in 40 games, which was pretty good considered he was behind Josh Smith, Al Horford, Ivan Johnson, and Anthony Tolliver on the depth chart and Larry Drew’s hesitancy to trust rookies. The number that stands out to me is the per 36 minute free throw attempts of 5.4, which was highest on the team. It’s probably a little inflated due to the lack of minutes but it still stands out on a team that is often content to launch jumpers. His rebound total didn’t stand out, but if Mike can maintain his rebounding rate with more court time it could be similar to Zaza’s numbers (which is a good thing)


Two games stand out for Mike Scott. They were a week apart at the end of March and start of April. In a lackluster visit to Boston in which Jeff Green scored 27 and Shavlik Randolph got 13 boards, Mike Scott closed out the game with 19 points including 8 visits to the free throw line being one of the only bright spots for the Hawks. Strangely or predictably if you've followed Larry Drew's coaching career, he only logged a couple garbage minutes in the next two games. Then the memorable visit to San Antonio in which Al, Josh and Kyle were given the night off. Mike Scott didn’t start, but he logged 36 minutes tallying 22 points, 6 boards, and 2 assists. The Hawks only lost by 2 points behind a warrior effort of the Hawks subs. It was a fun change of pace from the games that the Hawks didn’t bring a effort to this spring.


I expect Mike Scott to be back with the Hawks. He’s inexpensive and showed strong play in limited minutes. His role on the team will like depend on the system that the new coach implements as well as other personnel decisions, but you could say that about almost every player.