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Zaza Pachulia has successful surgery to repair Achilles injury

Zaza Pachulia had surgery on Tuesday to repair his sore Achilles tendon and will now face approximately six months of recovery time.


Zaza Pachulia underwent successful surgery on Tuesday to repair his sore Achilles tendon. Per the release, Pachulia will now face a period of rest, treatment and rehabilitation before he will be able to return to the court. Total recovery time is estimated at six-months.

Pachulia battled the injury for much of the season appearing in 52 games while averaging 5.9 points and 6.5 rebounds. The timing is less than ideal for Pachulia whose four-year $19 million expires at the end of the season. He will now hit the open market coming off of season ending surgery after an injury that tends to limit ones' athleticism. Still he will likely have suitors including the Hawks when free agency opens.

Pachulia has spent eight of his 10 professional seasons in an Atlanta uniform. He has become a fan favorite and a personal favorite of Peachtree Hoops. We associated with the site would like to wish him a very speedy recovery.