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Help Wanted For Game 3 (Reader Giveaway!)

Want to cheer on the Hawks at game 3 in Atlanta Saturday but don't have a ticket to the game? Are you willing to work for it? If so, Peachtree Hoops might have a job for you and a ticket to the game.

The Hawks need a hand for game 3.
The Hawks need a hand for game 3.

We've got 8 tickets for Saturday's game that we'd love to give out to Hawks fans, but we've got some conditions that you have to agree to in order to get one of those tickets (parking not included).

First Condition:

You have to be willing to hold up one part of a "Peachtree Hoops/Go Hawks!" sign. Before you balk at that request, let's be clear we're not crazy. By that I mean we don't expect you to hold up a sign all game long. We'd just like you to represent for us at least twice during the game by holding up the sign. I don't think that's too much to ask for the price of admission.

Second Condition:

You have to attend the game. There are 8 tickets and it's an 8 piece sign. If you win a ticket and then don't show the sign will not work. You're agreeing to be part of a team and we need the whole team present or it falls apart.

Third Condition:

You have to support the Hawks and make some noise. Playoff atmosphere is supposed to be intense, but sometimes you have to be a starting point in creating that intensity. We need to make sure we have a home court advantage. I'll provide you with some thundersticks, you agree to bring some thunder.

Fourth Condition:

Not a real condition, but it'd be nice if you've posted on Peachtree Hoops before.

How it works:

Post on this story why you're the right person for the the job and that you agree to meet the conditions. I'll select the first 8 worthy applicants in my eyes. If you have email already visible on your profile I'll be able to reach you if selected. If you do not have visible email you'll additionally need to email me your ID, so I have a way of contacting you. My email can be found by clicking my name (Evil Dallas) on the story or finding me in the Masthead. Again you must make a post, emailing me is not enough. That's it. Good luck and Go Hawks!