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Hawks vs. Pacers, Game 1: Kyle Korver to start at forward for Atlanta

Hawks coach Larry Drew names his startersfor Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers


The Atlanta Hawks have used many different starting combinations this season but will go with their conventional starting lineup in Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers. Larry Drew will send out Jeff Teague and Devin Harris at the guards along with a frontcourt featuring Kyle Korver, Josh Smith and Al Horford.

Drew essentially had a couple of options for lineups. He could have elected to go big with Johan Petro as the starting center which would have slid Horford and Smith to the forward positions and Korver to the bench. However, Drew has talked a lot about the desire to push the ball out into transition against the Pacers this week and that is what this lineup reflects.

The downside to this lineup is that it matches Korver against the Pacers' Paul George. It will be interesting to see how the Hawks play that matchup and if they can hold their own on the glass.