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Talking about the Atlanta Hawks on the Bill Shanks Show (AUDIO)

The Atlanta Hawks concluded a six game road trip and Bill Shanks asks Peachtree Hoops' own Jason Walker to talk about how the trip ended, was it a success and is Al Horford better than Dwight Howard right now.

Doug Pensinger

As much as we talked about Dwight Howard on The Bill Shanks Show recently, Bill and I talk about how he looks as a Laker and how he compares, right now, to the king of the mountain, Al Horford.

Also, we discuss the road trip, which concluded with losses in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Denver. We talk about how close that Laker game was and, while we didn't discuss the phantom foul call on Josh Smith late in that game, we look at how close that last play was and how those last three offensive sets show Larry Drew's acumen as an offensive play caller.

Listen, enjoy, comment. It's a moral imperative.

Jason Walker on Bill Shanks Show