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Hawks vs. Pacers Final Score: Pacers 100, Hawks 94

The Atlanta Hawks gave the second quarter away and the Pacers returned the favor in the fourth and in between they gardened.


The Hawks second unit, which can look like any part of a starting unit for Atlanta these days, made a strong run in the fourth quarter, and cut a previously and hideously 28 point deficit down to a mere four points.

Imagine the excitement when John Jenkins tracked down a desperation three-point shot from Tyler Hansbrough with 41.9 seconds remaining in the game, giving the Hawks and opportunity to cut the lead to two or maybe even a single point.

Now quickly crumple up those dreams and set them aflame because as long as it took you to read it, Jenkins had lost control of the dribble and Gerald Green was taking a very ill-advised, yet successful three-pointer of his own, leaving the Hawks down seven points and without any more chances.

The Hawks regulars show poorly, as Al Horford was off his shot (6-15), Josh Smith continued to be puzzled at the free throw line (6-12) and Jeff Teague was sloppy in front of the hometowners in Indianapolis, shooting 3-10, getting a single assist and turning the ball over three times.

And this time Devin Harris, who missed the game due to a sore left foot, could not be held accountable for Teague's bad night.

Alas, I am not a head basketball coach so I will not pin the loss exclusively on Teague.

Bullets to the rescue:

  • Happy 64th, Kyle Korver's three point shot!
  • Larry Drew did not bring back any starters for the crunch time after the bench had facilitated the comeback.
  • The five bench players that manifested the comeback in the fourth quarter were Ivan Johnson, Shelvin Mack, Jenkins, Mike Scott and DeShawn Stevenson.
  • They shot a combined 13-23 from the floor, a .565 clip.
  • For the other three quarters, the rest of the team shot 21-54, a 39 percent effort.
  • No Harris, Zaza Pachulia or Lou Williams for the Hawks
  • No David West or Danny Granger for the Pacers.

Hawks play at Toronto Wednesday night.