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NBA Power Rankings: Gaining Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

After a week where the Hawks were riddled with injuries, we actually surprised and played really well despite that. Lets check out how we did this week.

Bruce Bennett

Outside of the disappointing game last Monday against the Heat where we were just beat by the defending champions, Atlanta has played pretty well despite being riddled with injuries. With a big wins against the Lakers and Brooklyn, I'm expecting us to move up. But let me stop talking and let you guys have a look at where we rank this week in the power rankings. So first up we have Jeff Schuhmann of who moves us up to #13.

Devin Harris played just nine minutes in Brooklyn on Sunday, but the Hawks have won three straight with him back in the starting lineup (a result of Jeff Teague's recent ankle injury) and are 18-8 overall in games Harris has started. Of course, Larry Drew changes his starting lineup more often than Harris changes direction, so there's really no sense in pointing out any pattern of success.

Next on the list is Marc Stein of moves us up 4 spots to #12.

It's a lot easier to pull off in the East than the West, true, but Atlanta has proven that you can stay competitive even with a team filled with guys on expiring contracts while you're planning ahead for free agency. The Mavs, who happen to be visiting town Monday night, are surely envious.

Matt Dollinger of decided to do movie titles and moved us to #14.

Ocean's Thirteen. This is likely the last go-around for the Josh Smith-led Hawks. Atlanta has nine players on expiring contracts and will look drastically different next season. But before the breakup, Smith will try to lead the Hawks past the second round of the playoffs, something they've failed to do despite making the postseason the last five years.

Over at (Dime Magazine) Jon Hartzell ranks us at #10

The Hawks had a nice week with a solid win against the Lakers. They’ll be a dangerous matchup in the playoffs as long as they avoid falling to the eighth seed.
Sam Amico of has us at #12 after moving up 3 spots.

Nobody expected the Hawks to be this devoted for even half this long. Perhaps it’s time to start mentioning Larry Drew in Coach of the Year conversations.
Finally Marc J. Spears of has us up to #13.

Keep an eye on whether the fifth-seeded Hawks fly north or south in the East standings during the final stretch. Atlanta plays eight of its final 15 games against winning teams.

Well that's it for this weeks rankings. As you see we have been rewarded with the better play as of late by moving up in the rankings. As a fan, I am hoping that we keep this up and not only move up in the power rankings, but also the standing in the east. But what do you guys think, with most of our games being played at home for the rest of the season do we have a chance to move up?