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Josh Smith trade rumors: Hawks still reportedly listening to offers

Josh Smith's name is still reportedly out there as the Atlanta Hawks are still listening to offers but are undecided as to whether or not they will trade Smith or not.


As the trade deadline approaches, the Atlanta Hawks are still reportedly listening to trade offers for Josh Smith. However, according to a report by David Aldridge the Hawks are still unsure whether they will move Smith before the trade deadline.

Smith recently said that he thought of himself as a "max player" but he and the Hawks haven't discussed a contract since the three-year $47 million deal that was offered and turned down before the season. Smith is looking for a five-year deal but the Hawks have yet to talk with Smith about that length of contract. Danny Ferry is keeping his options open and according to Aldridge and is taking offers to assess Smith's value.

Yet the Hawks have not formally decided to trade the 27-year-old Smith, who leads Atlanta in scoring and blocked shots, and is second in rebounds and assists. Team president of basketball operations and general manager Danny Ferry is in fact-finding mode now, seeing what the market is for Smith. writer Chris Broussard followed Aldridge's report with his sources suggesting that there was a 60 percent chance that the Hawks would move Smith before the February 21 deadline.

Its hard to see what Brooklyn might offer that would be enticing for the Hawks. More likely they are simply one of the teams that has checked on Smith to see what Ferry and Atlanta are looking for.