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Anthony Morrow working way back from injury slowly

Anthony Morrow missed 17 games with hip and back injuries and is being brought back slowly according to head coach Larry Drew.

Kevin C. Cox

When the Joe Johnson trade was announced, many thought that Atlanta native and former Georgia Tech standout Anthony Morrow would be the centerpiece of the deal heading back to the Hawks. Morrow struggled to get into the rotation early this season and when he finally did injuries have derailed his season.

Morrow missed 17 straight games with hip and back injuries before returning to action last week. However, he has found few opportunities to get on the court appearing only in the blowout loss to the Chicago Bulls last Saturday. Larry Drew talked about Morrow prior to Wednesday's game and indicated that the Hawks were bringing him back gradually:

"We are gradually trying to get him back in the flow of things," Drew said. "He has had some practice time and he is available. I'm hoping I can get him in there and get him some minutes. The way our injuries have gone, we are hoping to get him back in there where he can get into a rhythm. He's been out such a long time and his timing is not there right now."

The problem for Morrow is the same one he faced at the start of the season. When healthy the Hawks have a log jam in the backcourt. Early on Morrow found himself behind the Teague/Harris/Lou Williams rotation and that doesn't even mention Kyle Korver and DeShawn Stevenson who also got minutes in the backcourt. Williams is out for the season but rookie John Jenkins looks like he has a handle on that spot at least for the moment.