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Al Horford unhappy with D.J. Augustin elbow

Al Horford was not happy with the elbow he received from D.J. Augustin on a drive in the third quarter that set off an official review that lasted for nearly 10 minutes.


Al Horford was assessed a flagrant 1 with 2:09 remaining in the third quarter for a foul on D.J. Augustin. Replay showed that Augustin hit Horford in the groin area with his elbow on the drive and that sent Horford crashing down into him. Officials looked at the replay multiple times as the game was delayed for nearly 10 minutes before they issued a technical foul on Augustin and the flagrant to Horford. After the game Horford had this to say about the incident:

"I went up to contest the shot and I think that he purposely threw an elbow at me knowing that I was coming," Horford said. "He hit me in the groin area. It was very painful. He hit me and it as a natural instinct as I was going for the block to put me hands down and I guess I hit him in the head. It was a very dirty play by him. I'm obviously upset about the call. I understand that they are at home. The crowd is against the refs and they have peer pressure on them so they couldn't let it slide. I am hoping that the NBA looks at the play and realizes that it was not an intentional hit and I should not have had a flagrant foul."

Watching it in real time I don't think either player had intentions on the play. Augustin threw out his elbow hoping to draw contact. I don't think he really meant to land said contact in the groin area. No doubt Horford didn't want to let Augustin finish the play but once the elbow connected he was knocked off balance and brought Augustin to the floor with him.

The peculiar thing is the call. If Augustin's elbow warranted a technical foul then shouldn't it have been an offensive foul with the play ending at that point? Little doubt in my mind that once the league looks at the play that the flagrant on Horford will be rescinded.