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Hawks to go with big lineup against the Kings; Drew comfortable with Jenkins as third PG

Atlanta will start the game with the same big lineup as they did Wednesday night against Miami. Atlanta is also still without a true third point guard, but Drew says he's comfortable with Jenkins in that spot.


The Hawks will start the same big lineup they did against Miami on Wednesday with Jeff Teague, DeShawn Stevenson, Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Zaza Pachulia. Atlanta is still waiting on clearance for Dahntay Jones and Jeremy Tyler, acquired yesterday at the trade deadline, as their physicals are processed. Even if they are cleared, Larry Drew said it is "highly unlikely" that they would play today or tomorrow in Milwaukee. Atlanta's main rotation remains the same despite all of the trade rumors that swirled around for the past month, which means Josh Smith is still here, but also that there are only two point guards.

Drew said he will alternate minutes for Jeff and Devin, having one on the floor at all times. With Devin's nagging foot injury, I pressed Drew about his comfort level with John Jenkins running the point should Devin need a game off.

"I'm very comfortable. We actually have prepared, in the event that we need a third point guard, a package just for John. Things that he can run at the point guard position and to be honest John looks very comfortable there. When we first started experimenting with this thing I was a little skeptical about it, but as we've moved on, he's looked like he's gotten more and more comfortable with it playing up top with the basketball. Again, we have a package that we've put together solely for him if he's in that situation of things he can get us into pretty quickly and we can get in our flow."