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NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks keeping Josh Smith at least for now

Although it got interesting the Atlanta Hawks appear to be keeping Josh Smith through at least the remainder of the season after they pulled out of a reported three-way deal that would have sent him to Milwaukee

Kevin C. Cox

The wait is over and Josh Smith will stay with the Atlanta Hawks for the remainder of the season.

The Hawks were reportedly part of a three-way deal that would have sent Smith and Orlando's J.J. Redick to the Milwaukee Bucks but pulled out right before the deadlline.

Atlanta had been looking for a deal that would bring back prospects, picks but no long term salary. The Hawks will now be faced with re-signing Smith this offseason. By not dealing Smith, the Hawks can offer him a deal that is worth up to 5-years at $94 million. Other teams will be limited to offering Smith a deal worth approximately $70 million over four years.