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NBA Trade Rumors: Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh key pieces in potential Josh Smith deal

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Atlanta Hawks are also having serious discussions with the Milwaukee Bucks about forward Josh Smith.


The Milwaukee Bucks are continuing their pursuit of Josh Smith according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Hawks had previously been linked to high level talks with the Houston Rockets this morning but according to Wojnarowski those are a non starter due to Atlanta's desire for Omer Asik or Chandler Parsons. The potential Milwaukee deal could include Devin Harris from Atlanta and reportedly centers around Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh.

Ellis can opt out of his contract that would pay him $11 million for next season this summer. Udoh is owed a little over $4 million for next season.

The Hawks have been looking for ways to move Smith without taking back guaranteed salary in return but have had difficulties in finding the right partner. The Bucks have been heavily involved in discussions this week and remain one of the more aggressive suitors for Smith.