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NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith not opposed to re-signing with the Bucks

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According to a report by CBS Sports NBA writer Ken Berger, Josh Smith would not be opposed to re-signing with the Milwaukee Bucks if dealt there before the 3 p.m. trade deadline.

Mike Zarrilli

CBS Sports NBA writer Ken Berger reported on Wednesday that Josh Smith would not be opposed to re-signing with the Milwaukee Bucks if traded their before Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline. This is interesting simply because it was during the 2010 playoffs that Smith had a variety of disparaging remarks for the city of Milwaukee.

Now Smith's representation is not going to alienate any team at this point but this does show in my opinion the power of holding a player's bird rights. Currently the Hawks can offer Smith a 5-year deal for approximately $94 million. Other teams can offer Smith 4-years at approximately $70 million. That is a big difference and yes $24 million might be just enough to get Smith to overlook the frigid weather and bleak nightlife in Milwaukee.

Its also why the Hawks could still have the leg up if they decided they wanted to hang onto Smith. If Smith remains with the Hawks until the offseason and garners a 4-year max offer from any other club the Hawks could always offer more and not have to go all the way to the $94 million max.

The important thing to take from Berger's report is that whoever holds Smith's bird rights past today's deadline instantly becomes the favorite to sign Smith this offseason.