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NBA Power Rankings Trade Deadline Edition

The All-Star break is suppose to mark the halfway mark of the season. Let's see how our Hawks are looking this far into the season coming out of the break.

Will this be the last of him?
Will this be the last of him?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is it Hawks fans, this might be the end of days or possibly the last power ranking we will see where Josh Smith is an Atlanta Hawk. I'm sure that in this weeks rankings we will hear mention of the possible trade. Anyway lets just look at the rankings and try to not let our Atlanta version of Joshmare effect us. So starting up we have Marc Stein and ESPN actually moving us up 3 spots to #17.

Al Horford, Jeff Teague and, yes, Josh Smith all had it going during the last 10 games before the break. But the Hawks were only 6-4 during that stretch ... with the longest week of the season ahead (for Smith especially) leading into the trade deadline.

Next John Schuhmann of also has us at #17 while yes mentioning Josh Smith.

Is this the end of the Josh Smith era in the ATL, shawty? It's hard to imagine the Hawks without Smooth, one of only four guys from the 2004 draft -- Luol Deng, Andris Biedrins and Jameer Nelson are the others -- who are still with the teams they made their NBA debuts with. But it may be harder to imagine them making another long-term commitment to Smith and continuing with the status quo.

Sam Amico of actually managed to drop us in the ranking to #16

Far from bad, but the Hawks are coming closer to the average squad we expected, which should make dealing Josh Smith or some of the other expiring contracts easier. This might be the biggest trading deadline in franchise history.

Matt Moore of keeps us at #14 and talking about the possibility of a trade.
They've stabilized the record ... but these are uncertain times with the deadline a week and a half away.
Well that's it for the rankings this week, I'm sure that by the next time the rankings are out us Atlanta fans will be in for some news regarding Mid Range Shawty whether it's good or bad. Until next time with the rankings let me know what you guys think. Will we start to get our groove back with the snubbed players getting angry or will we fall in to mediocrity with this mediocre team?