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NBA Power Rankings:Hawks Hoping to Pull it Together

Well this is going to be a rather interesting week in the life of a Hawks fan. We are getting closer to the NBA trade deadline and Josh Smith is still a member of the Atlanta Hawks. Things are about to get more hectic than it already is and dare I say we might actually get some national attention. This weeks rankings are a quit before the storm in a sense because next weeks rankings will only be days before the trade deadline and the possibility of Josh Smith's 9 year career in Atlanta coming to an end.

Seriously to the freakin Horn.......Pelica........... Whatever you call them
Seriously to the freakin Horn.......Pelica........... Whatever you call them
Kevin C. Cox

Well lets get this underway. Up first we have John Schuhmann of keeping us exactly at the 17 spot and our first trade reference.

It sounds like the Hawks and Josh Smith aren't on the same page regarding how much money he should be making after this season. And obviously Smith - who had 19 points, 11 boards, six assists and three blocks in Wednesday's win over the Grizzlies - is a guy who can make a real impact on a playoff race (or in the playoffs) should the Hawks opt to move him in the next 10 days.

Marc Stein of is next dropping us 2 spots and also saying he doubts we move Josh

Just don't see it. Just don't see the Hawks dealing Josh Smith before the Feb. 21 trade deadline when we all know they want to pursue Dwight Howard in free agency come July. If they're going after Dwight, keeping his good buddy J-Smoove around as lead recruiter only makes sense.

Sam Amico of has us going down a spot to #14.

The good news: With six expiring contracts, the Hawks may be the most powerful team in the league when it comes to the trading deadline. The bad: They’re not going anywhere if they can’t make some moves.
Matt Dollinger of drops us 2 spots to #15
The Hawks have struggled against the East's elite of late, losing to the Pacers, Bulls, Knicks and Nets in the past three weeks. A deteriorating defense has been the biggest reason for their struggles. Atlanta hasn't held an opponent to 90 points or fewer in more than a month after doing it seven times the month before. With a middling offense (16th in points per game and efficiency), the Hawks need their defense to step up some nights, especially in rock 'em, sock 'em conference games.

Well it seems that everyone is aware that Josh might get sent off and our ranking is being effected by that. Honestly I'll be glad when our version of the Lebron or Melo FA is over. But what do you guys think, can Atlanta get back on track despite a disappointing loss or is this how the rest of our season will play out?